We have just taken delivery of the new Sony FX9 cameras to add to our fleet


DoP / Crews / Steadicam / Aerial Filming

David Crute is a DoP / Steadicam operator with more than 30 years experience in the film and television industry. 

 Rock Steadi Pictures started in 1992 supplying award winning film crews. Working worldwide with the latest Netflix and BBC 4K, Rec 2020 

approved equipment.        

What we do


Camera Crew Hire

Rock Steadi Pictures supplies fully equipped film crews for both location and studio productions.  

We are specialists in Steadicam and Aerial filming. 

Our broadcast clients include the BBC, ITV, ITN, Ch4, Sky, National Geographic, Discovery, MoD amongst others. We have immense experience in filming around the world, and in the last year alone we filmed in the USA, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Romania, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Syria, India and the Far East.

Fully equipped crews


On Location

 Rock Steadi Pictures is a one stop shop for any size production, large or small for location and studio work.


Small Crew

Our small, agile, highly experienced crews are flexible, responsive, and capable of working in challenging situations worldwide.


Large Crew

We can also supply large fully equipped award-winning technical and artistic crews to ensure you get the highest production values.


Specialised Crew

We also offer highly trained and qualified crews for working in industries such as Off Shore Oil and Gas sectors where HUET and MIST certificates are required.


Special Effects Crew

We can provide green screen and special effects filming.



World's first 3 section steadicam arm developed by Garret Brown at Tiffen

Rock Steadi Pictures was chosen to be the world leader and the first operator to have the 3 section arm.

Greater reach, greater capability, greater shots!! This defines the next chapter in the language of 'moving the camera'


David Crute DoP/ Steadicam Operator

David has 30 years of steadicam experience with hundreds of credits.  He is one of the few Steadicam instructors that teach on the Tiffen Gold Steadicam Course. 


Steadicam Operators

Rock Steadi Pictures offers steadicam operators with years of experience in broadcast, film and television.  


M1 Steadicam

M1 Steadicam system, state of the art, fully integrated camera movement system. 

Steadicam was the first and still is the best. 


Kit room



We have an extensive range of cameras, lenses, monitors, Steadicam, lighting, grip and multi-cam camera equipment available. 

The Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta camera shoots spectacular images with its 4K image sensor. Used on the movies Lucy, After Earth and Oblivion as well as hit TV shows such as The Blacklist and The Big Bang Theory. This camera is the high end industry standard. 


Sony's new FX9 camera

Sony's full-frame 6K sensor camera with fast Hybrid AF, Dual Base ISO and S-Cinetone colour science. 



HMIs, tungsten through to the latest LED technology. We have all the lighting any production needs.



Full multi-camera facilities for recording, live broadcasting or live or pre-recorded webcasting.



Advanced monitoring systems for the production team and client.  


Specialised lenses

We offer a range of specialised lens systems from long lens to stabilised lenses for all cameras.

Drones and Aerial filming


Aerial filming

We have 30 years experience in aerial filming of all kinds. Helicopter filming with stabilised lenses to fully integrated gyro stabilised camera systems. Fast jet in cockpit to tip tank camera for the most dynamic air to air sequences and of course drone operations from 1 to 2 man operators. Fully CAA permitted and insured. We know aerial filming and fly with some of the best aerial pilots in the world.


Drone filming

From heavy lift to super light weight drones. Our pilots are fully CAA approved and insured. 


Fully gyro stabilised camera systems

We can provide fully gyro stabilised camera systems. This gives increased speed, height and sorts any overfly permissions.

Helicopter filming has now entered a new era in film making. 


Helicopter stabilised lens filming

Sometimes you just can't beat hanging out the door of a helicopter flying fast and low with stabilised cameras and lenses.  Drones can not do everything but the combination or helicopter and drone filming can be a perfect mix. 


Stabilised lenses and camera AI tracking technology

We offer both filming and advice on how to get the best stabilised pictures for your production. 

Rock Steadi Pictures, it's what we do!! It's in the name.


Fast Jet filming

David Crute has many years of filming in both Military and commercial fast jets to get that air to air footage that only a great pilot and a fast jet can capture.